I have two phone numbers both of which ring into the same voice mail.
San Francisco (415) 929-0500
East Bay (510) 339-8849

My phone is set up so that both numbers ring through to my home at all times. I do this so that I can be more accessible to you. If I am unable to answer the phone in person please leave me a message. I will return all calls within 24 hours. Please let me know if your call is urgent.

All payments are due on the last session of the month during which services are provided. Please plan to bring a check with you to that session. Or you may pay weekly if you prefer.

I will provide you with a billing statement which you can then submit to your insurance company. I do not do any insurance billing directly.

If you need to make payment arrangements that differ from the above, please discuss this with me so that we can make a plan which is mutually agreeable.

If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment I ask that you give me 48 hours notice so that I can reschedule that time. Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be billed. If you would like to schedule an extra appointment please call at your convenience.

If you are having an emergency and I cannot be reached please go to the nearest emergency room where you can receive the care you need immediately.