The experience of group therapy can be life changing for many people. It is an opportunity to learn about life and how people work in addition to solving the problems that brought you into therapy. Your experience being in a group can provide you with valuable feedback from others and can offer you opportunities to learn about intimacy and closely shared connections. Sometimes groups serve as "surrogate families" and provide participants with a sense of belonging and the knowledge that they are truly cared for by others. Group therapy can stand alone or be a helpful addition to individual therapy.

All clients entering a group will have an individual session in which we can clarify what it is in your life, or about yourself, that you wish to change.

Because group therapy is less expensive than individual work, it may provide an option for those who cannot afford therapy otherwise.

Therapy Group for Therapists
This group will provide the best of both worlds: an opportunity to work on personal issues while gaining new therapeutic skills. Therapists have issues to resolve just like everyone else. They also have an increased awareness of what goes on in the therapeutic setting. The best way to learn about the practice of psychotherapy is to see a skilled therapist in action, and then to ask questions. Why did you say what you did? Why did you choose that direction? What did you see happening? What were you thinking theoretically?

In this group, you will be able to address any personal issues and can expect to gain support, insight and opportunities for problem-solving. You will also have the opportunity to learn about your life script and what motivates you to think and feel the ways that you do.

The structure of the two-hour group will include a ten-minute theory presentation, an hour-and-a-half problem solving group for participants, and a final twenty minutes of answering questions and discussing theoretical issues.

This weekly group will meet in the East Bay (Oakland Hills) beginning in September 2007.

Please call to set up an initial consultation.