People often come to therapy to relieve pain related to anxiety, depression or low self-esteem. They may be having difficulties in their relationships. Others are interested in psychotherapy to learn more about themselves, to improve their relationships, or to become more successful and happier in their careers.

Individual psychotherapy can help you to address the problems that you bring to therapy by increasing your awareness of yourself and others and by allowing you to see more options for how to live your life. Psychotherapy can help you to become more accepting of who you are and courageous enough to make the changes you want to make; it can also increase your ability to be more open and intimate with others.

I am guided in my practice not only by my formal training but by the uniqueness of each individual who comes to me for therapy. To be successful in the therapy endeavor it is important that I honor and nourish each person's humanity and treat each person with both empathy and respect.

In my work with clients, we first identify what you want to change and our work is focused there. In transactional analysis terms, we may work to understand your life script and early decisions so that you can change the way you create your life and allow things to unfold in ways that are more satisfying and rewarding for you. (Please see articles "Transactional Analysis: the Basics" and "What Am I Getting Myself Into?" on this website.)